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Year: 2013

  • Vila-Costa, M., a Barberan, A., a c Auguet, J. -., b Sharma, S., b Moran, M. A. & Casamayor, E. O. (2013). Bacterial and archaeal community structure in the surface microlayer of high mountain lakes examined under two atmospheric aerosol loading scenarios. FEMS Microbiology Ecology, 84(2), 387-397.
  • Catalan, J., Pla-Rabès, S., c Wolfe, A. P., d Smol, J. P., d Rühland, K. M., e Anderson, N. J. et al. (2013). Global change revealed by palaeolimnological records from remote lakes: A review. Journal of Paleolimnology, 49(3), 513-535.
  • Vila-Costa, M., b Sharma, S., b Moran, M. A. & Casamayor, E. O. (2013). Diel gene expression profiles of a phosphorus limited mountain lake using metatranscriptomics. Environmental Microbiology, 15(4), 1190-1203.
  • Auget, J.-C. & Casamayor, E. O. (2013). Partitioning of Thaumarchaeota populations along environmental gradients in high mountain lakes. FEMS Microbiology Ecology, 84, 154-164.
  • Restrepo-Ortíz, C. X. & Casamayor, E. O. (2013). Environmental distribution of two widespread uncultured freshwater Euryarchaeota clades unveiled by specific primers and quantitative PCR. Environmental Microbiology Reports, 5, 861-867.
  • Miro, A. & Ventura, M. (2013). Historical use, fishing management and lake characteristics explain the presence of non-native trout in Pyrenean lakes: Implications for conservation. Biological Conservation, 167, 17-24.

Year: 2012

  • Morellon, M., Perez-Sanz, A., Corella, J. P., Buentgen, U., Catalan, J., Gonzalez-Samperiz, P. et al. (2012). A multi-proxy perspective on millennium-long climate variability in the Southern Pyrenees. CLIMATE OF THE PAST, 8(2), 683-700.
  • Casamayor, E. O., Lliros, M., Picazo, A., Barberan, A., Borrego, C. M. & Camacho, A. (2012). Contribution of deep dark fixation processes to overall CO2 incorporation and large vertical changes of microbial populations in stratified karstic lakes. AQUATIC SCIENCES, 74(1), 61-75.
  • Fernandez-Guerra, A. & Casamayor, E. O. (2012). Habitat-Associated Phylogenetic Community Patterns of Microbial Ammonia Oxidizers. PLOS ONE, 7(10).
  • Bacardit, M., Krachler, M. & Camarero, L. (2012). Whole-catchment inventories of trace metals in soils and sediments in mountain lake catchments in the Central Pyrenees: Apportioning the anthropogenic and natural contributions. GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA, 82, 52-67.
  • Chappuis, E., Ballesteros, E. & Gacia, E. (2012). Distribution and richness of aquatic plants across Europe and Mediterranean countries: patterns, environmental driving factors and comparison with total plant richness. JOURNAL OF VEGETATION SCIENCE, 23(5), 985-997.
  • Bartrons, M., Catalan, J. & Casamayor, E. O. (2012). High Bacterial Diversity in Epilithic Biofilms of Oligotrophic Mountain Lakes. MICROBIAL ECOLOGY, 64(4), 860-869.
  • Bartrons, M., Grimalt, J. O. & Catalan, J. (2012). Food web bioaccumulation of organohalogenated compounds in high mountain lakes. LIMNETICA, 31(1, SI), 155-163.
  • Bartrons, M., Grimalt, J. O., Mendoza, G. D. & Catalan, J. (2012). Pollutant Dehalogenation Capability May Depend on the Trophic Evolutionary History of the Organism: PBDEs in Freshwater Food Webs. PLOS ONE, 7(7).
  • Camarero, L. & Catalan, J. (2012). Atmospheric phosphorus deposition may cause lakes to revert from phosphorus limitation back to nitrogen limitation. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, 3.
  • Auguet, J.-C., Triadó-Margarit, X., Nomokonova, N., Camarero, L. & Casamayor, E. O. (2012). Vertical segregation and phylogenetic characterization of ammonia-oxidizing Archaea in a deep oligotrophic lake. ISME JOURNAL, 6(9), 1786-1797.
  • Triadó-Margarit, X. & Casamayor, E. O. (2012). Genetic diversity of planktonic eukaryotes in high mountain lakes (Central Pyrenees, Spain). ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY, 14(9, SI), 2445-2456.
  • Llorens-Mares, T., Auguet, J.-C. & Casamayor, E. O. (2012). Winter to spring changes in the slush bacterial community composition of a high-mountain lake (Lake Redon, Pyrenees). ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY REPORTS, 4(1, SI), 50-56.
  • Mendoza, G. D., Rico, E. & Catalan, J. (2012). Predation by introduced fish constrains the thermal distribution of aquatic Coleoptera in mountain lakes. FRESHWATER BIOLOGY, 57(4), 803-814.

Year: 2011

  • Chappuis, E., Ballesteros, E. & Gacia, E. (2011). Aquatic macrophytes and vegetation in the Mediterranean area of Catalonia: patterns across an altitudinal gradient. PHYTOCOENOLOGIA, 41(1), 35-44.
  • Bartrons, M., Grimalt, J. O. & Catalan, J. (2011). Altitudinal distributions of BDE-209 and other polybromodiphenyl ethers in high mountain lakes. ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION, 159(7), 1816-1822.
  • Quiroz, R., Grimalt, J. O., Fernandez, P., Camarero, L., Catalan, J., Stuchlik, E. et al. (2011). Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Soils from European High Mountain Areas. WATER AIR AND SOIL POLLUTION, 215(1-4), 655-666.
  • Auguet, J.-C., Nomokonova, N., Camarero, L. & Casamayor, E. O. (2011). Seasonal Changes of Freshwater Ammonia-Oxidizing Archaeal Assemblages and Nitrogen Species in Oligotrophic Alpine Lakes. APPLIED AND ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY, 77(6), 1937-1945.
  • Kana, J., Kopacek, J., Camarero, L. & Garcia-Pausas, J. (2011). Phosphate Sorption Characteristics of European Alpine Soils. SOIL SCIENCE SOCIETY OF AMERICA JOURNAL, 75(3), 862-870.
  • Pla-Rabès, S. & Catalan, J. (2011). Deciphering chrysophyte responses to climate seasonality. JOURNAL OF PALEOLIMNOLOGY, 46(1), 139-150.
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